You go to a healer, a Shaman, an energy practitioner because you want either 'other' or complimentary medicine modalities for a medical diagnosis. I have a worked with a vast array of diagnosis; kidney transplants, broken bones, lung collapse, cancer, migraines, back pain, knee pain, body pain, brain tumors, teeth does not matter the diagnosis.  All disease is due to a vibrational crack in your energy field. I have witnessed many full body healings. 

People come to me to heal past life issues, to prepare for surgery, to help one to die, to simple receive guidance from Spirit. 

People come to me because years of traditional therapy has not helped. 

People come to me to raise their frequency, to heighten their awareness, to gain new perspectives.  They come to me to have spiritual experiences that many times are wordless, yet palpable. 

People come to me to gain support in order to walk through difficult times in their lives; divorce, trauma, grief, sadness. 

People come to me who want see a change in their lives and do not know how to get there. As mentor, spiritual guide; I will support you. 

People come to me to receive Reiki, Laying of Hands, vibrational energy medicine table work simply because it feels SO, SO, SO good. Because it is totally relaxing. Because body pain disappears. 

Why do you want to come to me?

First Time Clients:

A one hour mini session. 25.00

Or a free half hour phone call, by appointment.

Why Come To Me?