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~ "When one awakens to their True Identity all else disappears."- Deborah

YOU are your own "healer". You realize your Divinity by saying YES! YOU can align with YOUR higher power of Love; The Holiness. We can call it Spirit, Energy or Divine Medicine, for once we awaken to it, it takes away all ills, for it is through our compassion of mind & heart that we awaken to the Divine Matrix of the Universe we call Life. Heart medicine. Energy Healing. All my work, methods, prayer; are created and offered through my heart center. The electromagnetic strength of our heart holds the strongest magnetic field within the entire body.  There thrives an undeniable, palpable & positive power within us, as us, and when we allow, welcome and surrender to it; everything is possible. We are each part of the Divine Matrix, the Mind of God, Divine Intelligence. Some call this power God or Source or one of a hundred names; we really do not know its proper calling, but many know, as I do, of Its existence, reality, ISNESS. 

Being a recipient of vibrational energy medicine can bring about Divine balance within your mental, physical and emotional alignments. This can mend, fix, heal; which is done through awakening. Illnesses, emotional pain, physical ailments can be gone. 

For me, energy medicine covers anything non mainstream in recognition of the wholeness of oneself. Holistic. Whole - wholeness. This can be acupuncture, flower essences, REIKI, singing bowls, hands on healing, polarity, etc. 

 I am truly an old fashioned faith healer. My Faith guides my every breathe. I know God is present as you and me. I believe we live in the midst of the Universal Matrix known as the Mind of God. I know there is nothing too big, too hard, too difficult for God.

God Energy.