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"She helps you get to the seed, the hard, old, little pieces that create emotional dysfunction in our lives, in our personalities.....and she does it with love, and support."

 "You have helped me grow and develop as a more loving and conscious person. You showed up as a mothering presence that fostered a God understanding that was not offered through blood relations. You offered me focus and direction of the heart instead of the head. You still do, every time we sit together, your own life's experience and faith is shared and helps me find clarity in my own. I get to be a pupil of Deb' s school of faith, integrity and love. Reminding what God really is and teaching me to see It, and have a relationship with It myself."

" I thank you for all you did for my wife - from her being your client, to how you supported her and myself during her dying process, to the truly beautiful memorial celebration; but mostly, I thank you for the love you bring with you."

" conscious evolutionary process has taken remarkable leaps since meeting her..."

"It is no exaggeration to say that, over the past four months, since I started working with Deborah, I have been reborn. I think that originally, almost 70 years ago, I was born depressed. In my baby pictures I look like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I spent more years in, and money on, traditional therapy that I care to remember. I was diagnosed-:PTSD, chronic low mood and, worst of all- "dispirited." I experienced addiction. During therapy painful memories surfaced, along with extreme anxiety and panic attacks, for which I received medication. Therapy definitely was helpful , but I continued to struggle with "chronic low mood". I had a good life. but something was missing. Where was the joy, the passion for life? I felt I was just going through the motions. I always saw myself as Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh- under a dark cloud of depression. In May of this year I began attending Deborah's meditation group. As a result of what I was experiencing during meditation, I began to see Deborah for spiritual counseling and energy healing. I have been astounded! So much negative energy has been released in these sessions- almost 70 years worth! For the first time in my life I feel free of psychic pain! I am feeling joyful, and look forward to each day. I can feel and accept love from my friends and am pursuing new interests with an excitement I didn't know was possible. Most of all I feel the Presence of the divine- the G[o]od in the Universe and know that this Presence is part of me.{ OK, Deborah- it IS me} Sometimes I feel such love and joy that I think I might burst with it! I am truly grateful and blessed. Thank you, Deborah." - Chris Bibby -8/27/18 

"I want to let you all know I have been blessed to have Deborah come into my life. I have been meeting with her for one month and I am truly amazed. I have been going through the worst year; a divorce after 31 years, loss of a job, having to sell my home of 24 years and other personal issues.

I have been through 25 years of therapy off and on and there is NO comparison to how much peace I feel through Deborah's teachings & healing. She is truly an angel."

"She is more direct than anyone I know - and kind. Deborah has always walked her talk, she is an expression of integrity".

".... more positive work accomplished in three sessions with Deborah, than three years of traditional therapy....a hidden gem."

"Deborah is awesome! I literally left my body during my session - a deep calm, very, very cool! I felt joy for the first time in years. There are no words for the way I felt. I want more! " 

"Deborah showed me that my own healing came from with in, it came from inside of me - it was never going to come from others. I had to do the work - but she guided me and made it safe."

"Well, the pressure in my eyes has decreased from 20 to 13! Meditation & YOU!".  - C. Bibby

"I was scheduled for a torn Rotator cuff I am not. Three short sessions of Deborah's hands on me - incredible! I could feel tingling happening all the way down to my fingers.....pretty neat stuff."  

"I love how you laser beam track on to the God light within all!  You are the Rockin' Rev!"

"One minute Deborah's questions lead me to know myself, then she gives me messages from my dead grandmother......then another question that clears away all the blocks! It is quite an experience."