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"Cancer Free. I am so grateful I met you!"

"In a few sessions I was better, like all better. I did not want to stop seeing her, so we just stretched it out a bit. I feel great, I found all I came to her to find - but I didn't want to stop coming."

"I had been having a difficult time. My body had felt awful, days in bed with the covers over my head. I walked into her office and sat down and felt these tremendous waves of energy come over me - I had to lie down. Deborah made sure I was okay, comforted me, explained to me what was happening. She balanced me before she worked on me - afterwards, I was new .... I felt so much better. I never felt anything like that before in my life - that kind of love." 

"She touched me for maybe a minute or two and the unusual pain in my leg the doctor wanted me to use heat on was gone."

"You literally feel love pouring from her. " 

"Thanks to my sessions with Deborah I am experiencing joy and peace. A friend recently told me she has never seen me look so happy. I feel free of negative emotions which kept me from expressing who I really am. It feels wonderful! Thank you, Deborah!"

  • You may make an appointment for one or two hours for a counseling-healing session. During this time, you will be given Spirit-sourced guidance, as well as any intuitive information which can support you. Transitioned loved ones very often come through during these sessions. The fee is 50.00 per hour.

  • Cash or Venmo at time of session.


  • ​​OR a Reiki/Energy Session, which is one hour. The fee is 75.00. This is hands-on table work. You are made comfortable on a massage table, fully clothed.

"I never quite know where she is...her hands are on my head, but I know I feel them on my feet or my belly too....and I feel SO good! I just know I feel good for the first time in months." 

"I no longer need my surgery. Not sure how, but my shoulder is totally, absolutely healed! No more pain. Nothing. Perfect!"

"I just had to open my eyes, I thought she was holding a flashlight over my face - she was just standing there......."

Beloveds  Testimonies & Kind Words

"My God! I just feel like I am floating on her table, I think I am literally vibrating!" 

" You are a beautiful conduit for deep healing. My recent experience brought a deeper connection to the sacredness of the body. It brought more clarity and peace to both the body and the mind. Very grateful for my last session Deborah πŸ™ While I have been grateful beyond words for every session during this deeply transformative time, choosing not to speak and just open to receiving Reiki this past week brought a huge shift in my healing process." Lisa Yoshida

"In one session I knew I had found the healer I had been seeking. I feel better just walking in her door!" 

​SPIRITUAL Healing. Healing is all spiritual, for we each are beings of spirit. Every session is unique. There is no other way to describe it. Each session will bring about something new.  Each session is open to Spirit Guidance. You are not the same person you were the last time you came to me.....our vibration is constantly shifting and changing.  The energy within you will move, change, heal, and soften during our time together - this allows for opening, bringing about clarity, flow, and a personal relationship with God, Creator. The goal is always the same: to awaken your consciousness to Its Highest expression. We are each called to feel, speak, and take action from our hearts on our awakening journey. I am an advocate for the individual, to be the best human you can become - and I fully believe in speaking our truths to & with another so that we may hear our thoughts, be witnessed in unconditional love, and receive guidance. This combination is power-filled for our hearts, physical health, and mental and emotional bodies.