REIKI II    - next date 5/26/18 - SATURDAY 

Reiki II teaches long distance healing techniques, additional symbols, hands on experience, how to perform a body scanning, more attunements, how to offer REIKI as a practitioner, more paperwork & another certificate. REIKI II may be taken after one month from level I, and you must also have received a full body REIKI experience. (not with massage, just a pure REIKI session.)You must also have completed the 21 day cleanse. Your investment is 250.00. This is a one day class. 

There thrives an undeniable, palpable & positive power which heals, when we allow, welcome and surrender. Some call this power God or Source or one of a hundred names; we really do not know its proper calling, but many know, as I do, of its existence, reality, ISNESS. 

REIKI & Energy Medicine

REIKI I     - next date 6/4/18  - MONDAY

​​REIKI I is a most beautiful introduction to the world of energy. In level one you receive history, lineage, basic elements, four attunements, first symbol, hands on experience of giving & receiving, paperwork & certificate. REIKI I is for yourself. Your investment is 150.00. This is a one day experience. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. Please arrive 9:30 to settle in. Please bring a lunch. I will supply healthy snacks, chocolate, waters, coffee, teas. 

"I believe you can heal. I believe your body can heal. I believe your mind can heal. I know energy, I know there is more than what we see.....I believe." - Deborah 

REIKI is an ancient hands on healing technique. A very simple offering which will affect every aspect of your life - providing balance, peacefulness, healing and support an awakened state of awareness.


I offer a REIKI Master internship for those who wish to teach. Requirements: One year of monthly appointments with me and assisting at all classes. Certificate. 

REIKI III & an Introduction to Energy Medicine  - August 2018

​As a Master Energy Practitioner & Shaman, I have designed a level three course to enhance your foundation built upon the purity of REIKI, to include a new freedom and expansion in hands on techniques as well as off body modalities. We will explore the Chakra System, crystals, vibrational, sound, the five elements, and other healing energetic methods. You are offered how to see energy as a substantial communication tool for every day life. This is a two day course. Paperwork & certificate. Master attunements. Your investment is 425.00.