A guided meditation experience to bring you into a deeply relaxed space of peacefulness, in order to receive your highest & most loving guidance with a hands on healing experience. 1 hr. 20.00 p.p.

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  An Awakening Gathering 


~ Either of these two Gatherings may be presented at your center.

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​​​​​​​​You are invited to attend - as we ask, receive and shift our awareness from this 3d linear plane to the eternal & expansive non-physicality of this existence - to discover peace & our innate Divine Perfection. We will rethink, shift perception, gain clarity, & align with your True Identity, through non-physical, Spirit guided consciousness.  You are able to inquire about any subject, ask questions, receive Spiritual guidance, which is group shared & for the benefit of all. Topics that may or may not be discussed; Death - (there is none), Dying & Birthing Process - (soul detaching from or coming into ego), Choosing parents, Universal Laws, Empowered vs. Victim mentality, and what ever else Spirits guides for the benefit of the group. Plus, all participants receive a hands on healing experience. 

This is an intimate two hour group experience of at least 6 or more participants. $ 50.00 per guest.
"I thank God every day that you are & have been my teacher. Anytime the gerbil wheel mind begins, you set me straight! Thank you!" - D. Cristaldi

"My back pain is GONE! OMG!" - client​​