Meditation, Healing & Inquiry

(in Haverhill, MA.)

SUNDAY January 28th, 2018 ~ 10 am – noon.  FILLED.

​Next date: Sunday, February 25th, 2018 Sunday 10 till noon.

This is a small group experience. Limited seating. Your word is your commitment, by February 18th, 2018.  $ 50.00 pp.

Coming together to create group energy is fun - and deeply effective in our individual expansiveness. You are invited to attend - as we ask, receive and shift our awareness to the non-physicalness of this existence - and in this experience, create more joy, freedom, abundance, health in your life!

Melanie Ganga Ward (379 Main Street. Haverhill, MA.) is generously hosting spiritual teacher & healer, Deborah Evans Hogan, offering her sacred space for others to inquire, ask any question they want on any subject - in order to rethink, shift perception, gain clarity, discover your True Identity, through the non-physical, Spirit guided consciousness.  In asking & witnessing in small group experience, your essence is for the benefit of all. Each attendee will also receive a hands-on healing experience. Deborah is a gifted healer & Shaman.  


Monthly Meditation & Healing

Next date: TBA

@ 175 Main Street, Townsend, MA

Come to back porch door, walk right in. Follow signs! By love offering. A beautiful time to gather, center, be, breathe & inquire.  

a time to chat, inquire (or simply) listen about death & dying

January 18th, 2018 

@ The Townsend Senior Center  1:00 pm. FREE.  Please sign up through me, or the center. I have had many years of supporting beloveds to transition from their bodies, home. Due to my many experiences, my truth about death & dying is different than main stream. It is a most beautiful ritual of going home. I will share my stories, experiences and be open to any questions you may have.

~~~ Public Offerings ~~~

ALM foundation/introduction class

February 10, 2018 Saturday 10 am till 1 pm.

This is a small group. Limited seating. 8 or under. Your word is your commitment.

50.00 pp. flyer available. 

What is the foundation of this ministry? This time together is to dwell in possibilities to become aware of embodying our beliefs, to question what we truly have faith in. Are you living your truth? Let's take a look at spiritual law, law of God, Natures Laws.....these are basics of this ministry. Do you wish to feel more happiness, healthier, joyful? Then accept this invitation and join me.

Weekly Meditation & Healing

Every Tuesday 11 - noon. @ Townsend Senior Center

All ages are welcomed to attend. FREE. Guided meditation for centering and deep relaxation. All who wish to experience hands on energy healing. Public is welcomed.