FALL SATSANG Schedule ~ 

Sunday Morning (every other/bi - weekly  10 - 11:30) Held at the ALM Sanctuary, our home - 175 Main Street, Townsend, MA.

November 10

November 24

I will lead you in a guided meditation, to support your knowing of the wordless space which is your True Identity.  It is from this perspective we discover freedom from our ego personal self. This is seeked in order to have joy, clarity and all good in ones earth life experience. We will then have a teaching and opportunity for inquiry.

Allow the Divine to infiltrate each cell of your body, your mind, your heart, your organs, your senses.

It is my belief that meditation has always been a necessary tool for expansion & awareness, for peace, grace, alignment of our Highest Beingness. 

Satsang helps us to get off the gerbil wheel, to come together for the blessings God, Spirit, The Cosmos; has for us!  Divine beauty awaits. 

In seeking knowledge and understanding of spiritual perspectives based on cosmic law, we give ourselves an infinite, strong, dependable & logical foundation to stand upon in this earth life, where all is temporary.

There is no fee, love offerings are welcomed. Please park close to one another, yet allowing space. Park directly in front of garage bays as well as heading to right, to right side of driveway as well. Come to back door, walk in, come to living room. You are welcomed to bring sitting cushion for floor seating, there are plenty of chairs also. No shoes in our home, left on back porch before entering actual house - slippers, socks welcomed!  Please no chemical scents, perfumes, etc. 

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~ This gathering may be presented at your center.


Public Offerings 

Deborah Evans Hogan ~ Minister & Spiritual Healer

"I thank God every day that you are & have been my teacher. Anytime the gerbil wheel mind begins, you set me straight! Thank you!" - D. Cristaldi

"My back pain is GONE! OMG!" - client​​

Love Without Conditions Healing Workshop

November 16, 2019 Saturday - arrival, door opens at 8:30 am. Will begin workshop at 9 am. Run till 4:30 - 5:00. 

A day long workshop, to introduce you all to a life of an open heart, non judgement, and loving without any barriers. This book, by the incredible teacher Paul Ferrini, I consider mandatory for any one on an intended path of awakening. I ask all my long term students to read this book. Along with an understanding of all great spiritually led writings, this should be included. It will gut punch you in the very,very best way possible. You have my word. It has been by my side for many years.

We will gather in support for you to see, bring to the Light, all the ways we are not loving, no matter if you think you are. We will bring to the Light the ways Jeshua taught us, showed us to love; ANYWAYS.

You have my word, your life will change - you will be different. You WILL see yourself, and the gift of sight is the ability to change.

* You MUST have your copy of this book with you. (You do NOT have to read it, I PREFER you do not read it until the workshop.)
* You must bring a writing utensil for the book, and a marker to highlight the book for all the ah-ha moments! Perhaps a notebook or journal.
* You must be on time, and stay the entire workshop.
* Bring your lunch, I will have snacks & liquids.

The fee is 100.00. A 50.00 deposit is required will hold your space. I am requesting at least 5 people to hold this workshop. We can have up to 8. This is an introductory fee, as I am discovering how best to offer this essential for life information in group setting. Space is limited. Please send checks to myself, payable to me OR The Amethyst Light Ministry. Questions?

https://www.amazon.com/Love-Without-Conditions-Reflections-Christ/dp/1879159155ragraph here.