"I no longer need my surgery. Not sure how, but my shoulder is totally, absolutely healed! No more pain. Nothing. Perfect!"

"Healing exists. You CAN feel better. Your body CAN heal, mend, be fixed. I know there thrives in the Universe a power which can heal. I know it can be shared through our hands, bodies & minds."

"Cancer Free. I am so grateful I met you!"

"You literally feel love pouring from her. " 

"She touched me for maybe a minute or two and the unusual pain in my leg the doctor wanted me to use heat on was gone."

"In a few sessions I was better, like all better. I did not want to stop seeing her, so we just stretched it out a bit. I feel great, I found all I came to her to find - but I don't want to stop coming."

"Thanks to my sessions with Deborah I am experiencing joy and peace. A friend recently told me she has never seen me look so happy. I feel free of negative emotions which kept me from expressing who I really am. It feels wonderful! Thank you, Deborah!"

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"I never quite know where she is...her hands are on my head, but I know I feel them on my feet or my belly too....and I feel SO good! I just know I feel good for the first time in months. "

"In one session I knew I had found the healer I had been seeking. I feel better just walking in her door!" 

Private Sessions

"I had been having a difficult time. My body had felt awful, days in bed with the covers over my head. I walked into her office and sat down and felt these tremendous waves of energy come over me - I had to lie down. Deborah made sure I was okay, comforted me, explained to me what was happening. She balanced me before she worked on me - after I was new, I felt so much better. I never felt anything like that before in my life - that kind of love." 

"My God! I just feel like I am floating on her table, I think I am literally vibrating!" 

"I just had to open my eyes, I thought she was holding a flashlight over my face - she was just standing there......."

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Private Appointments

Everything is changing! I am so excited with this - knowing that as through our Faith in the Higher Existence and Power of this Presence  --  grows, expands and unites within our selves we are healed. We KNOW this! Our bodies, our minds, our bones, our thoughts; all shift into Divine Clarity as we are touched through Grace.  

Whether you choose to come to a small group, large group or private session, it is most important that you take responsibility for your mindful intentions.  

As a Master Energy Practitioner, I offer you and your body an opportunity to align with Divine Perfection, health and wholeness. Our bodies & minds heal through energetic alignment, vibrational infusion & frequency conversion. As an energy healer, as a Shaman, I am able to remove blockages, perform psychic surgery, see into your energy field, balance your vibration, Chakra's & offer you an overall renewal. Clients come to me for anything from pure relaxation, to mental, physical, emotional or spiritual redirection or healing. Whatever your imbalance, I can support you. Whatever your diagnosis, illness, pain, discomfort. 

I offer client hours every day except Sunday. First client 8 am, final client 5:00 pm. All aspects of your internal, physical and external energetic bodies are brought into balance and flow.