"I have been blessed with many gifts and abilities that continue to grow. As we speak I receive intuitive knowings that lead to your freedom of physical or emotional creations. I am also able to connect soul to soul with one here on earth or one who has passed from their body and facilitate communication. My gifts can support you in a variety of ways - in seeking understanding of self or a relationship, in helping a loved one transition from their bodies - easing the dying process, and in the healing of ones physical ailments. I have worked successfully with everything from frozen shoulders, anxiety, migraines, back pain, random body pain, carpal tunnel, etc.; to cancer." 

"She touched me for maybe a minute or two and the unusual pain in my leg the doctor wanted me to use heat on was gone."

"I had been having a difficult time. My body had felt awful, days in bed with the covers over my head. I walked into her office and sat down and felt these tremendous waves of energy come over me - I had to lie down. Deborah made sure I was okay, comforted me, explained to me what was happening. She balanced me before she worked on me - afterwards, I was new .... I felt so much better. I never felt anything like that before in my life - that kind of love." 

"You literally feel love pouring from her. " 

"I never quite know where she is...her hands are on my head, but I know I feel them on my feet or my belly too....and I feel SO good! I just know I feel good for the first time in months. "

"I just had to open my eyes, I thought she was holding a flashlight over my face - she was just standing there......."

"In a few sessions I was better, like all better. I did not want to stop seeing her, so we just stretched it out a bit. I feel great, I found all I came to her to find - but I don't want to stop coming."

"Cancer Free. I am so grateful I met you!"

Private Sessions:  'My intention is to invoke from you the most that you can be. '

"I no longer need my surgery. Not sure how, but my shoulder is totally, absolutely healed! No more pain. Nothing. Perfect!"

"In one session I knew I had found the healer I had been seeking. I feel better just walking in her door!" 

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"Thanks to my sessions with Deborah I am experiencing joy and peace. A friend recently told me she has never seen me look so happy. I feel free of negative emotions which kept me from expressing who I really am. It feels wonderful! Thank you, Deborah!"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In person Private Appointments - coming to me with an open mind allows for greater success of your desires & intentions. We shall chat, then you will lie on a table or sit, remain fully clothed, and I will lay my hands on you, and work with your energy on & off your physical body. You may also choose to have only energy work done for any healing of any pain or diagnosis OR spiritual/multi dimensional counseling/direction. 

​​Fee's:  (Fixed income refers to folks on disability, social security, unemployed, retirement.) 

1. A half hour or less drop in for specific body imbalance, pain, discomfort such as bones, muscles, headache, back pain, etc. -- Energy Work.  --  $ 25.00

2. One-hour appointments:  Chat and energy work. This is wonderful for those who I feel should see me more often, at least once a week, if not more.     For those on a fixed income, seniors, retired: $ 25.00 per session.  All others:  $ 50.00

3. One and a half-hour appointment: This allows for more talk, counseling & energy work.  For those on a fixed income, seniors, retired: $50.00. All others: 75.00

4. Two-hour appointment: Extended intuitive counseling & energy work.  Once a month or less: $ 100.00. 2x a month or more: 85.00. 


As a Master Energy Practitioner & woman of faith in God, I offer you and your body an opportunity to align with The Holiness . I like to label what I offer as Empathic Energy Medicine. Our bodies & minds reveal our Divine innateness through energetic alignment, vibrational infusion & frequency conversion.  I perform laying of hands in order to remove blockages, perform psychic surgery, see into your energy field, balance your vibration, Chakra's & offer you an overall renewal. Clients come to me for anything from pure relaxation, to mental, physical, emotional or spiritual redirection or healing. Whatever your desire I can support you. Whatever your diagnosis, illness, pain, discomfort. Holy Spirit energy reveals our Divine Perfection on all levels. The verbal guidance I offer you is based on Universal Law and my empathic reading gifts. I am able and will push your beliefs to see differently, which changes your perception and there fore your life. I am able to connect with souls in order to support their crossing over, read their energy, stance and beliefs, in order for loved ones to reach a more mindful understanding. I see clients in person and by phone Monday through Saturday - 8 am first client, last client 5 pm. ​SUNDAY hours available also.​                                                                                                        


"My God! I just feel like I am floating on her table, I think I am literally vibrating!"