Fee's for in person sessions range from 75.00 - 150.00 per session. This may be affected by the amount of work I am able to do, what I was called upon to do, and how long a time we spend together. Many times people simply want to talk, want spiritual communion & direction on this linear plan, which does not call upon multi dimensional demands and will be charged less. I am very honest with you, if I feel I could not energetically connect, could not offer you work of what I expect to, you will owe me only for my time. With that said, I ALWAYS expect deep, palpable shifting, healing on varied levels, alternate reality connections, and cosmic awarenesses brought to Light. 

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"You literally feel love pouring from her. " 

"I no longer need my surgery. Not sure how, but my shoulder is totally, absolutely healed! No more pain. Nothing. Perfect!"

"Cancer Free. I am so grateful I met you!"


Payment Methods:   I accept cash and checks.  You may use PayPal using --  revdeb@amethystlight.org  - PLEASE, when sending payment through PAYPAL do not take the fee from my gross amount, thank you. OR for love offerings,  

www.venmo.com/Deborah-Hogan-16 - the settings are private so just you and I see the transaction. I suggest Love, Gratitude or Appreciation as reason. 


"In a few sessions I was better, like all better. I did not want to stop seeing her, so we just stretched it out a bit. I feel great, I found all I came to her to find - but I didn't want to stop coming."

"My God! I just feel like I am floating on her table, I think I am literally vibrating!" 

Every session is unique. There is no other way to describe it. Each session will bring about something new. There is no definite, expected procedure - Talk? Table work? Spirit Guided Messaging? - Each session is open to Spirit Guidance. You are not the same person you were the last time you came to me.....our vibration is constantly shifting and changing.  The 'success' of a session depends on your allowance, your openness, your willingness. You may think you need such and such, but Spirit says no; this. Because I have multiple gifts and cannot pigeon hole them under one single label, trusting Spirit to guide is the very, very best way for us both to be. 

"I had been having a difficult time. My body had felt awful, days in bed with the covers over my head. I walked into her office and sat down and felt these tremendous waves of energy come over me - I had to lie down. Deborah made sure I was okay, comforted me, explained to me what was happening. She balanced me before she worked on me - afterwards, I was new .... I felt so much better. I never felt anything like that before in my life - that kind of love." 

"I just had to open my eyes, I thought she was holding a flashlight over my face - she was just standing there......."

Clients Testimonies & Kind Words

​​​Private Sessions & Fee's...........(COVID Concerns Click Here.)

"I never quite know where she is...her hands are on my head, but I know I feel them on my feet or my belly too....and I feel SO good! I just know I feel good for the first time in months." 

"She touched me for maybe a minute or two and the unusual pain in my leg the doctor wanted me to use heat on was gone."

Appointments range from one hour to two hours (the longest) depending on the amount of work allowed. Many times people receive and are given all that is needed and possible in one hour. A few will say a half hour is (plenty!) enough. For others, there may be more. Coming to me with an open time frame is best. If you prefere tell me your time perimeter when you schedule and Spirit WILL / DOES work within that. People who travel want two hours. Understandable. Others may want to come to me or phone chat weekly for one hour of spiritual direction. PHONE SESSIONS available. One hour. 75.00 --  DISTANT REIKI/HEALING WORK available, by love offering/your choice. "Usually", a few times to begin, then as Spirit directs me. Can keep you up to date if you wish. 

"Thanks to my sessions with Deborah I am experiencing joy and peace. A friend recently told me she has never seen me look so happy. I feel free of negative emotions which kept me from expressing who I really am. It feels wonderful! Thank you, Deborah!"

"In one session I knew I had found the healer I had been seeking. I feel better just walking in her door!" 

" You are a beautiful conduit for deep healing. My recent experience brought a deeper connection to the sacredness of the body. It brought more clarity and peace to both the body and the mind. Very grateful for my last session Deborah 🙏 While I have been grateful beyond words for every session during this deeply transformative time, choosing not to speak and just open to receiving Reiki this past week brought a huge shift in my healing process." Lisa Yoshida