The Amethyst Light Ministry is a spiritually based, inner faith offering founded on Universal Law. We are welcoming and grateful for your Presence.


Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher, Member of the Clergy.

I offer you the teaching of being 100 %  responsible for your experiences. I offer you the guidance of how to change your story/ perception of any condition. I offer you guidance to have a palpable, positive & personal relationship with the Cosmic Creator, the Life Force in all. 


a time to chat (or simply listen to) about death & dying

FREE. at the Townsend Senior Center. Community invited. Sign up necessary. 1:00 pm. Flyer available.

MEDITATION & HEALING -   by love offering.

December 17, Sunday 1 - 3

January 7, 2018 (!!!!) Sunday 1- 3

My home. 175 Main Street. Townsend, MA.

A time for going deeper. A time to experience the palpable presence of Spirit. I will guide us through a time of interior meditation, introducing you to the three fold connector. All will receive a hands on healing experience also. Truly a lovely experience, revealing peace from within. Calming. Healing. COME TO BACK DOOR ON BACK PORCH. ENTER. 

Guided Meditation & Healing

At Townsend senior center, ALL ages of community invited to attend!​  FREE!

TUESDAY MORNING  11:00 - noon.   

A Testimony:

"Since I have started guided meditation with Deborah about six months ago, I am starting to get actual physical as well as spiritual results. My blood pressure has improved significantly and recent blood work shows significant decrease in cholesterol & triglycerides levels. I am also sleeping through the night again, getting 7 - 8 hours per night. That had not happened in years! I attribute all of this to Rev Deb! All things are possible in His spirit through her." - Ann Davis



175 Main Street,   P.O. Box 22,  Townsend, MA 01469 ~ 978.518.7635


This always fills up quickly! Commit now.

January 14th, 2018 Sunday   10 am till noon.  Please arrive by 9:45.

44.00 pp. Checks or cash day of.

An intimate group, created to gather, understand about & learn how to successfully communicate with your angels & Archangel realms. Our first one was wondrous and led to other gatherings. This is the first local offering for this workshop. Flyer available by request.

Private Appointments

My work brings me pure joy. I absolutely love offering you spiritual truths and witnessing them land in your mind & heart, creating shifts to positiveness in your life experience. I know we are creators of our experience, so be a deliberate one!

In a talk session, I share Universal Law with you, offer messages and information through Spirit, (the non physical) and direct you to freedom & joy in your life. Through my senses I translate your energies into a simple understanding, in order for positive & wonderful shifts to take place in your energy body, thereby creating different experiences in your life. I see through varied realities to interpert your seeds of beleifs, in order for you to allow shifts. I am able to reinterpert any story you are holding onto, inorder to lighten, disperse and/or shift the conscious or unconscious engagement you have with it.

As a REIKI Master Teacher and Master Energy Practitioner, offering you and your body an opportunity to align with Divine Perfection, health and wholeness. I absolutely know our bodies & minds heal through energetic alignment, vibrational infusion & freguency conversion. As an energy healer, as a Shaman, I am able to remove blockages, perform psychic surgery, see into your energy field, balance your vibration, Chakra's & offer you an overall renewal. Clients come to me for anything from pure relaxation, to mental, physical, emotional or spiritual redirection or healing. Whatever your imbalance, I can support you.

I offer client hours every day of the week. Monday - Friday, first client 8 am, final client 5:00 pm. Weekend appointments are also available. A session is one to two hours. I offer energy medicine support in the form of laying of hands, REIKI, & flower essences for any physical (medical) or emotional imbalance. All aspects of your internal, physical and external energetic bodies are brought into balance and flow. I offer individual spiritual counseling, re-direction, communication support and pre-marriage counseling.  Exchange/investment is your choice based on your financial situation.The suggested range for a private session is 50.00 to 150.00 per session. 


Fee's, Tithings & Love Offerings

The Amethyst Light Ministry is a church without a building; known as an independent ministry. Because we do not have traditional regular weekly services, our ongoing physical existence depends on the generosity of others.

I consider any offering with exchange - your willing investment in yourself.

A Love offering is how one may support this ministry, to continue, evolve and grow, offering more and more. A love offering is any amount you wish it to be!Traditionally cash.

A Tithing can be considered a donation. Again, at your discretion.This is not payment for private sessions.A tithing in check form may be a tax deduction.

The Amethyst Light Ministry is a church in the state of Massachusetts. Please make all checks payable to Rev. Deborah Hogan. (Why? A business account is too expensive, requiring too high a balance be maintained.)


PayPal may be used to directly deposit donations. Under Deborah Evans Hogan, using bank account or credit/debit cards.