• Thank you for writing this wonderful book! I’ve bought a second copy to share. You are amazing Deborah, and this arrived in my life at the exact right moment.  - Susanne Weider


  •  "Thank you for sharing your story, your soul and your inspiration."  - Sandra Swain-Bromwell

  • Amazing Energy  --  The energy coming from just ordering this book is Divine. I am looking forward to reading this and will write another review once I have had the pleasure of reading it. Highly recommend purchasing; I do not recall ever feeling such powerful Divine energy when ordering a book. So lovely [πŸ™‚]  - a Barnes & Noble on-line review.  - Shauna Hubley


  • I'm on page 23...LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! [πŸ’œ] [πŸ’œ] [😘] [😘] [😘] [😘] [😘] [😘] [😘] So very grateful you've written this! Thank you Deb" - Ganga-Mel


  • Deb, you are amazing! I have only read one chapter so far! It is hard to put down! I love it so far, and I am sure it will be great! Congratulations! – Phyllis Legere

  • Reading it now and I’m mesmerized. I am filled with excitement, intrigue, and absolute awe - of your stories, of these brilliant and easy to digest truths and reminders, of your well-spoken words, and of the hope there is in every single moment. It’s just brilliant, as are you. It’s an absolute roadmap to alignment. Thank you. [❀️]  Beth Kukucka


  • Deborah, I LOVE YOUR BOOK!! I looooove the purple pages with the quotes. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. - Meghan Welcome


  • Well, since getting your book, it’s the first thing I grab (after looking at a painting of an angel I have right next to my bed). Something always calms me - a sentence, a reminder, a story - even if I’ve read it several times before. From there I’m in a better space to pray and meditate, which I do every day. Thank you, Deb. My frightened human thanks you.

  •   I love reading your book. Absolutely, triggers feelings in me, I read something earlier felt tears being created, every healer out there should read it, so much identification. – Marty Turner


  • Thank you for seeing, feeling, being, expressing, creating, and sharing. Thank you for the beautifully written deeply meaningful words that ignite my gratitude my inner world in such a loving way. – Sandy Scheer


  • Your past life story about Jenn helped me to feel at peace with something I have wrestled with for nearly two decades now, and I feel I can let it go, trusting that all is well in the bigness of it. I don’t have to feel torn or confused by our loyalties or interactions in this realm. Thank you. [❀️]


  • I love this book. I could keep my review at that, but I can't. Let me just say that the stories, insights and perspectives offered in this book are magical and perfectly timed reminders that life is truly a mystical partnership with the Divine. I have had many teachers, and many favorite books over the years, and "Mystical Partnership" is like icing on the metaphysical cake. It encompasses all the teachings and suggestions I have cherished in my own journey and put them all into an easy-to-read testament that the Divine is absolutely everywhere. The author offers her own personal proof of this, and the stories are as compelling as they are touching. I find that I flip around to the chapters, reading several many times (like the chapter about meeting Jesus). I seem to find the right message, the right reassurance, just when I need. And that is what this book is all about. The reassurance that we have all we need, and it's ok to flip around until we find it. I wish I could buy a copy for absolutely everyone I know. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - especially for those (like me) who sometimes have faith the size of a mustard seed. Watch it grow after just a few pages with this book.

  • (to the above comment) That’s just how I felt and that review nailed it all. On the journey many years, this was my best reminder. Thanks again Deb. And, thanks again.  [😘]


  • ​"Your book is teaching me so much. I've tried to meditate for years and years always trying to sit in peace with an empty mind, I often would become frustrated feeling like I just couldn't get it. What the heck was I missing? But in reading your book I realized that's totally not me. My mind is busy always trying to better myself. How can I expect myself to sit in peace and not notice feelings that come up or things that pass through my mind. I have questions I realized I need to search for the answers within me. So guess what. I just meditated for about ten minutes while my baby napped and I "dug deeper" and I'm finally feeling like I get it now. I'm doing the work. My life is so wonderful. Just that ten minutes was so powerful for me. It was like there was another voice within me talking back to all my thoughts. Thank you for sharing this book with the world. You already have helped me see so much within myself and my life and this book is just helping me see there is even more for me to do and my work has just begun." - Mary L. -




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​​Mystical Partnership, Extraordinary Experiences of an Ordinary Life, is an intimate non-fiction offering of one woman's effects of her deep faith in the Divine, in God, in Universal Intelligence. Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan shares her faith and stories of amazing experiences, healings, and spirit-driven guidance in order that others may know of the infinite nonphysical possibility of other ways to see, other ways to hear, others ways to believe, others ways to experience this journey on earth. To change the way we see a story, changes how we live our lives. To consciously change how we hold a past or present story that we carry in our emotional grid, changes our experience, and changes who we are. This incredible sharing of one ordinary woman's immense faith and real-life encounters with what one calls the mystical can empower you to believe in a God energy that is always good, always has your back, and is always here for you. In partnering with the mystical, you align fully with your innate presence of unconditional love.

​​There are so many books that I have loved on my own spiritual journey. (Recommendations in the back of my book!) I want you to love this book as I have loved some of mine - my favorite ones; each line was something to contemplate, they are highlighted, sticky noted, written on, well-worn from years of love. I teach from them, share from them, tell all my friends about them, and I write recommendations & reviews on Amazon so others will know how a particular author's words changed my life, helped me to grow, expand and develop my faith.  It is my deepest prayer, that my words affect you and your life in the most positive vibration possible.

with great love & appreciation, Deborah