Multidimensional refers to not only in this realm of existence, on this earth plane, but with other planes of existence. Being awake to an extremely heightened intuition, I read, feel and see energy and am able to decode it for your understanding. I interpret everything though energy, through feeling. I am clairaudient and clairsentient; the combination of hearing, sensing and feeling offers you strong, clear guidance.  

​1. In person or not, I am able to communicate with people during their time of transitioning and aid them to understand the dying process, let go of fear and cross over with more safety and ease. This can bring about less pain, less holding on, less suffering. 

​2. During private sessions my ability to communicate with ones soul, either here in body or not, aids my intuitive counseling skills to better help  & support your journey, for nothing is hidden. Truth truly sets us free. 

​3. I am able to reach out to those who have made their transition, when there is love vibrating from your heart, not fear - and bring about messages which can help you feel better, having a deeper understanding of eternal life, that there is no death.


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 "My ability to commune soul to soul with others can be very helpful for you. I feel them, interpret the vibrations, and can converse with those Beloveds who are no longer in body. This can also help in your personal understanding for forgiveness & healing. " - Deborah