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"Your  experience, your words, your expressions, are what are most important to me. Your testament, your sharing your experience - can only help others to know; there is another way." - Thank you. 

"Even your language is new to me! But somehow I get it." - Group Participant

"I do not like to be called a healer. I feel it is misleading. The Great Architect designed this life and healing takes place when we allow it.  Yes, I can cause energy to move, but the healing that takes place is a Divine act through the non-physical."  - Deborah

"From the first day we met, her words landed with me. So thankful!." - happy client

More Testimonies

"My back pain is GONE! OMG!" 

"My sciatica is SO much better, thank you!"

"I was going to traditional therapy three times a week. Now, I see Deborah once or every other week. I quit my therapist after my first session with Deborah. I have never been this 'happy'. I attracted a good man. Life is GOOD."  

​​​"Deborah is my friend, my mentor, my minister...she is will learn so much from her, mostly, that you have all the knowledge you need, if you just stop and listen.." - Gail LaPointe, R.N. 

"I thank God every day that you are & have been my teacher. Anytime the gerbil wheel mind begins, you set me straight! Thank you!" - D. Cristaldi

" There are days when i just walk through them with love and compassion after sitting with her......"

"From the moment I walked into her sacred space, the buzz was on! I could feel it in her Beingness and the room. What I felt during the session was her hands and heart were one, blending a loving presence through my entire body. My mind was at peace with the Holy Spirit..." M. Turner

"My anger is gone. Literally gone. It is amazing. I have done a lot of work before I came to Deborah. I am sober many years. Yet, still, the anger would come out sideways, as she says, unexpected.... and I hated myself for that.  It is gone. Gone. A miracle." 

"She is my beloved teacher. She guided me to the light and I was able to accomplish a lot. I am seeing her regularly, once or twice a month. It is the most valuable time that i give my self. I look forward to it, always." - Junga Yoon

"The love I feel from you just blows me away."

"Rev. Deb rocks!"

​"Deborah is not for spiritual wimps!"

"Thank you again for such a grace filled deep healing session. I feel so much more grounded and peaceful. The practice you shared is also working wonders energetically too! Very grateful. "

"She has helped me process with love, to let go of grudges, to no longer be  a victim."

"She is just so darn positive!"

"Her hands feel like hot mitts...gets me every time..." 

"My knee pain is gone, my knee is healed, without surgery..."

​"Traditional therapy does not work, for me at least. Telling my same old story over and over again. Deborah helped me change how I looked at my story - she helped me release this attachment I had to it that only made me feel miserable. I will be grateful forever."

​"Kind heart, healing hands."

​"I cannot describe what happens when I am on the table, but the feeling I have is palpable, I am just so darn happy when I get off the table!"