"Your  experience, your words, your expressions, are what are most important to me. Your testament, your sharing your experience - can only help others to know; there is another way." - Thank you. 

"I do not like to be called a healer. I feel it is misleading. The Great Architect designed this life and healing takes place when we allow it.  Yes, I can cause energy to move, but the healing that takes place is a Divine act through the non-physical."  - Deborah

"From the first day we met, her words landed with me. So thankful!." - happy client

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"Even your language is new to me! But somehow I get it." - Group Participant

More Testimonies

"My back pain is GONE! OMG!" 

"My sciatica is SO much better, thank you!"

"I was going to traditional therapy three times a week. Now, I see Deborah once or every other week. I quit my therapist after my first session with Deborah. I have never been this 'happy'. I attracted a good man. Life is GOOD."  

​​​"Deborah is my friend, my mentor, my minister...she is amazing...you will learn so much from her, mostly, that you have all the knowledge you need, if you just stop and listen.." - Gail LaPointe, R.N. 

"I thank God every day that you are & have been my teacher. Anytime the gerbil wheel mind begins, you set me straight! Thank you!" - D. Cristaldi

" There are days when i just walk through them with love and compassion after sitting with her......"

"From the moment I walked into her sacred space, the buzz was on! I could feel it in her Beingness and the room. What I felt during the session was her hands and heart were one, blending a loving presence through my entire body. My mind was at peace with the Holy Spirit..." M. Turner

"My anger is gone. Literally gone. It is amazing. I have done a lot of work before I came to Deborah. I am sober many years. Yet, still, the anger would come out sideways, as she says, unexpected.... and I hated myself for that.  It is gone. Gone. A miracle." 

"She is my beloved teacher. She guided me to the light and I was able to accomplish a lot. I am seeing her regularly, once or twice a month. It is the most valuable time that i give my self. I look forward to it, always." - Junga Yoon

"The love I feel from you just blows me away."

"Rev. Deb rocks!"

​"Deborah is not for spiritual wimps!"

"Thank you again for such a grace filled deep healing session. I feel so much more grounded and peaceful. The practice you shared is also working wonders energetically too! Very grateful. "

"She has helped me process with love, to let go of grudges, to no longer be  a victim."

"She is just so darn positive!"

"Her hands feel like hot mitts...gets me every time..." 

"My knee pain is gone, my knee is healed, without surgery..."

​"Traditional therapy does not work, for me at least. Telling my same old story over and over again. Deborah helped me change how I looked at my story - she helped me release this attachment I had to it that only made me feel miserable. I will be grateful forever."

​"Kind heart, healing hands."

​"I cannot describe what happens when I am on the table, but the feeling I have is palpable, I am just so darn happy when I get off the table!"