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I have been blessed to know Deborah Evans Hogan for over 20 years.  I have referred Deborah to many of my inner circle loved ones for her healing and direct communication with The Divine.  What I love about her way of healing is her grounding presence, unconditional love and honesty. She is soooooooooo grounded!  My friends and family have loved their sessions with her.  Her ability to communicate with those who have passed is amazing.  She has gifted my loved ones with clarity and healing.  I recently had my Akashic records completed with Deborah.  I love them!  I highly recommend Deborah!  Infinite Blessings!  Shauna Hubley  Plaistow, NH

MORE KIND WORDS..............


When I met Deborah in January of 2012, my previously flourishing career was floundering, my personal and professional relationships were in a state of turmoil and I was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease. I was angry, resentful, afraid, and most of all, utterly exhausted. The more I fought to get well, improve relationships and address issues in my career, the worse things became.  Though much of that time is a blur of stress, illness and exhaustion, I clearly remember a friend suggesting I contact Deborah. I did and what followed was nothing short of a miracle. 

I can only describe my sessions with Deborah as a light switch flipping on. Everything had seemed so dark and hopeless and then “flip” the light came on and I was able to see and feel the joy and blessings in life. 

Even after just one session, my diagnosis and situation were the same upon leaving as it was when I arrived - yet it was also completely different-full of hope. After working with Deborah for less than four months, I am in complete remission, harmony has been restored to my personal relationships and my career is back on track - in fact I have found my dream job.  Every session leaves you in a state of relaxed alignment that is hard to describe but miraculous to experience. While every session varies in a multitude of ways, the constant is that you always get what you need and leave feeling a combination of joy, peace, vibrancy and wellness.

Meeting with Deborah is like:

Conversing with a beloved, lifelong friend that knows all your faults and loves you anyway 

AND  a visit to an attentive and knowledgeable physician

AND a session with a talented, intuitive, caring therapist



I still am not sure I accurately described the amazingness of it all!

With Love and Gratitude,


Absolutely life changing. 

My journey with Deborah started in 2011 when I met her at my school when she came to do an introduction on Energy Work. I took her Reiki I class shortly after.
Fast forward to 2014. My father passed away. I was distraught. I ran into Deborah in a supermarket parking lot days after his passing. I had learned she just moved to the area where I lived. Coincidence? Maybe. 

Fast forward again to 2018. I was completely broken. I endured two severely abusive relationships and had a warped relationship with my family. I was lost, scared, confused and desperate. I remembered Deborah and reached out to her. She got me into her healing room right away and since that very day, I have experienced a transition of life that I never thought was possible for myself. A life I never thought I deserved. I went from a 27 year old who had no idea what life was, who was untrusting, angry and tired to a thriving 30 year old, who is now engaged to a wonderful man and living on our own farm with many animals - a dream I've had since I was 9 years old. I have now learned that EVERYTHING has a reason, and I am COMPLETELY responsible for how I choose to live my life regardless of all the unfortunate experiences that have happened. I have been able to back track on many experiences in my life and put the puzzles pieces together for my own understanding and closure. It is so freeing.

Running into Deborah days after my father's death was not a coincidence. It simply set the stage for what was to come. I am not afraid of my PTSD anymore. I speak freely of it and I willingly and proudly tell my story in hopes it may inspire others. I have improved my communication skills which was something I always struggled with. And I have greatly repaired the relationship with my mother. These are all just a few of the MANY things Deborah has helped me with.

Deborah's loving care has guided me in finding and trusting Spirit. To always know and believe that everything works out just as it should if you choose to allow it. Deborah has taught me that I can achieve anything I desire - possibilities are endless when I trust and believe in myself and Spirit. 

My work with Deborah has also resulted in my business thriving. Thriving so much that I have now taken on a role of helping those who have struggled to find their own successes. Deborah has always told me that she envisioned me becoming an educator, on business and in life support for others who may have had similar challenges. She was right (as always!). Just recently I was approached by someone extremely well known in my industry. They asked me to create a seminar on operating businesses successfully! 

I am so thankful for Deborah, her devotion to helping her students heal and grow, and for quite literally, saving my life.  I love you Deborah! Thank you for everything, you are amazing! 

- Casey Mabardy - Dog Grooming Salon Owner