Monday -  11/9/2020 - The past two weeks have been critical, as in our world, our country and speaking for those who are living a multidimensional life as one who is may be called a Shaman, a sensitive, empath, psychic, etc.-----it has been a roller coaster of days. Many I know, myself included, have had crying binges as old paradigms have shifted, have had to rest very, very often, have felt that it is time to leave, have endured exhaustion as aspects of polarity have been brought to the forefront, as fears have risen and passions have rose.  I have been lethargic in a way of holding center. As the scales tip this way and that, many are holding center.  Do not think it is over, it is not. What is happening now, is the scales have shifted. It is easy to humanly understand how one 'side' wants to celebrate when they have 'won' - yet how do we come into balance when one side is louder than the other? The play of life, of being in body is, we can all agree, at critical crossroads no matter our choice. My heart is aware of the many, many people who are disappointed by this election outcome. Let us be aware of the CLOSENESS of this 'race'. Let us have compassion that there are many people who are not happy, feeling passionate letdown, are as sad and mad as the other side is happy and relieved. The energy of all this is what the Lightworkers are aware of. We keep our hearts focused on the Christ Consciousness, knowing that all are One. For many of my fellow Lightworker/healers, it feels like  the children are playing, not always nice, and we will be over here looking at the sunrise. We will remain in our bubbles, knowing the heart potential of each soul. 

Welcome. I appreciate you visiting.  I am constantly attempting to share my inner awareness and guidance. I began this page, for many reasons.  One is I am tired of people arguing with me, correcting me and making suggestions whenever I write deeply on a FB page. I also feel that pure channeling is not appropriate for my blog....and coming to this website brings you deeper into the room. I share ONLY to perhaps, if one is interested, that they MAY find solace in the words I have been given, as I have found solace & understanding, thereby; comfort. As well as, many times when sharing about my own experiences or awareness of the energies, I find many are helped by knowing they are not alone. As a multidimensional being I am constantly being downloaded with information. Sharing is most certainly an outlet for me. Each post will be dated and most recent will be first on top. - Deborah

Sunday 11/15/2020 -- This past week was all about non-interference.The effect is naps, sleep, wanting to be alone, not around others. Yesterday & today is about solitude, wanting to be by ones-self. It is so beautiful when we come to realize that all we want is in the solitude, that the silence speaks. We may find we feel 'over-sensative'(which is not a 'bad' thing!) to just about anything! Words, sound, things we simply will no longer tolerate or that our bodies will no longer tolerate, as in foods. Take self care to heart, set up loving & healthy boundaries that empower you. Respect yourself.   

Tuesday - 11/10/2020 - The interference level has gone WAYYYYYyyyyyy down. I felt it yesterday mid morning. We should be able to have more energy, accomplish more, want to do more. This is relief. Much less kinetic vibrations. Much less frantic. Spend time knowing what you want; not with what you do not want. @ 11:00 am - ADDED A FEW HOURS LATER: Now is THE time for dreaming, for paying attention to manifesting, drawing to you your desires. Spend time being in the feeling of how good it would feel to this, or that. NO TRYING OR WORKING AT IT! Simply be with the feeling of. 

Thursday - 11/12/2020 Yesterday turned out to be VERY interesting! As I was in 'crystal clear vibe' in the AM, in the midst of the afternoon I had an experience through a 'clash' that immediately felt the opposite of how great a state I had awoken up to, AND as I rode through my feelings I came to realize it is because of my clarity that I had it. Make any sense? I knew, due to my clarity, this experience was NOT what I want, that I DO value what was through poor boundaries of another 'taken' from me. It was an experience of more of the 'interfering' energy I had spoken of a few days ago. It was a very, very significant experience. So, it was an energy of opposites, opposition. I feel there will be more of this for a bit, so sit with it, try to respond in clear statements not re-act emotionally - and gain your own perspective and own it. 

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Wednesday 11/11/2020 - Wow! RELIEF! Clarity this morning. I awoke exactly at 3:00 am post dream time with my  mother and two other friends who have transitioned who were mothers here on earth and also wadding in crystal clear waters. Such Divine Feminine energy! On HIGH frequency. I laid in bed a bit glowing from this pure fresh energy. It is as if the Divine reset button has been pushed! It feels we are at balance. It feels extraordinary.  BE CLEAR right now. Know that your vibrations (from which we each create) are for a bit now, going through crystal clear fields. No interference. This is really, really important. Crystal clear clarity. NO interference. I cannot stop smiling. Thank you God! Enjoy it while it is here my friends. Wade in the waters! 

Energy Updates & Insights

11/4/2020 - This week has been fragmented, energetically. It is the main word I am given. Since last week, the energy that all the passionate parties are giving, of the elections in the US, only felt like FRAGMENT. I was given the image of puzzle pieces, and told it will be a while longer before they make a whole, it is not yet secure that it is possible.  I had predicted the closeness of this presidential election and other state elections also. It is my guidance, that over 90 % of those who voted are coming from fear. Think about that. This is important. Making a choice from fear is ego, lack, and not expressing faith. Every word we speak is pour energy and goes out into the universe to create more of itself. Anyone who is surprised by these election results is unaware of that truth. The week also, computer kept dropping out, clients did not receive emails, exhaustion hit, misunderstandings and thin skins were in the for front. For me personally I experienced all of it. I  was told to go do a random act of kindness for someone, so I did. There is a definite feeling of upliftment when we do this. I have been told that these upcoming holidays will be especially challenging - few church services, choirs, holiday concerts due to fears around covid. It is a very loud suggestion from Spirit that those who are able play secret Santa. Involve your children. Get names from churches, shelters, etc. Send cards to shut ins, elderly, people who are by themselves. REACH OUT. An ideal time to do for others and allow that energy to help heal our disconnectedness. Remember, collective disconnectedness can only rise from individual disconnectedness. On the other side this week I also consistently and constantly received guidance, for anything I asked or wondered about! I want to see this movie, ta-da, there it is. I wonder about such and such, a call. I would like it if...and the if happened. I have also been OVERSENSATIVE. immediate reaction to anything I may eat, or want, or be with that is not aligned with my vibration. For all that looks like falling, perhaps we are simply rising! I send you love, till next time. Deborah