There thrives an undeniable, palpable & positive power which heals; when we allow, welcome and surrender. Some call this power God or Source or one of a hundred names; we really do not know its proper calling, but many know, as I do, of Its existence, reality, ISNESS. 

For me, energy medicine covers anything non mainstream for healing, in recognition of the wholeness of oneself. Holistic. This can be acupuncture, flower essences, REIKI, singing bowls, hands on healing, polarity, etc. 

For me, I am truly an old fashioned faith healer. My Faith guides my every breathe. I know God is present as you and me. I know there is nothing too big, too hard, too difficult for God. God Energy.  

"I know you can heal. I know your body can heal. I know your mind can heal. I know energy, I know there is more than what we see.....I believe." - Deborah 

                                                           - Master Energy  Practitioner & Spiritual Healer.

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Energy Medicine