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I offer you a peaceful space to inquire and seek with loving guidance, to discover your true beingness; that which is covered up, hidden underneath all fears, thoughts & stories. Being a Highly Sensitive Person, an Intuitive Empath and clairaudient and clairsentient, I am able to offer you clear guidance. I am a student & teacher of Unity, Science of Mind, ACIM, Mooji, The Ascended Masters, Joel S. Goldsmith, ancient teachings, and other spiritual offerings.

 My offerings are true to me; they are offered from my own experiences, never because someone else said so. They are what has worked for me, what I know to be Truth. My traveling, journeying, communion & awareness of what is called Spirit world is simply part of my whole world, not a separate field of being. My goal is to empower & support you to know your wholeness, which is to have a personal relationship with God. (One of a thousand names.)  I have been offering this work publicly since 1989, over 30 years of providing space for others to heal, to be witnessed, guided, and supported. Deborah 

Leaving my job in Geriatric Health Care, which began in the late 80's and started me in hospice work, falling in love with supporting others to transition, I opened an art gallery in 1992....which quickly turned into a healing center. Upon my first REIKI class I began seeing clients and life has consistently evolved from there. This includes being a food pantry volunteer, on the local board of Massachusetts Arts Council, a volunteer at local agency for Pregnancy Prevention Education, a teacher, mentor & board member of CHIME, (Chaplaincy Institute of Maine), and my ongoing private multi-dimensional healing practice. I also have produced psychic & wellness fairs, was executive producer and host of my own local cable television show: Your Alternative Health Choices - interviewing people who were making a healing difference through alternative care, a frequent radio guest, proprietor of 3 other meditation, shops, and healing centers, a frequent workshop leader, guest & facilitator, interfaith ministerial ordination in 1997, nine years in church ministry as a guest speaker, teacher & interim minister with Unity & Science of Mind centers as well as my own church, CoSE (The Church of Spiritual Empowerment) - as a physical church as well as internet church growing into 1800 listeners each Sunday. I have officiated over 250 weddings, funerals, or memorials -  and welcomed as a Reiki-healing practitioner at The Lahey Burlington, Lahey Medical Center, The Mass General Hospital, The Faulkner Hospital, Brigham & Women's, The Hale Hospital and Anna Jaques - either in surgery, pre-op, post-op with clients or as an educator.  As a REIKI Master Teacher, I have taught & attuned over 200 students. Also, wife, daughter, mother, artist & writer

LINEAGE: REIKI I with Master John Harvey Gray 1992. REIKI II & Advanced Level III with Dr. Rob Desmaris, the prodigy of J.H.G. .

REIKI Mastership with Linda Boyle & Michael Bean. 

"As a child I was always baffled with judgment, materialism, and prejudice...and why my father fell asleep in church, snoring loudly....and myjob was to jab him with my elbow, in order to get him to stop.  Topics in our home and the energy surrounding my childhood never felt 'right'. Why was so much being covered up? I remember speaking with Jesus and other Masters, as I played 'by myself' in the backyard. In first grade, I came home each day and went to bed, went to sleep - immediately. Exhaustion from the world. I learned I was 'too much' in first grade when I was constantly reprimanded for oversharing, being loud, and laughing at inappropriate moments. In the early '90s, my heart took me to open an art gallery that turned into my first healing center. I left much of me there, in that experience, including healing from a pre-cancer diagnosis. Who I thought I was no longer existed. My mother transitioned in 1997, and as I was with her, we healed our relationship during this most beautiful time. I sat with her body prior to it going to cremation - this was the most inspiring experience for me! The funeral home had her all laid out in her designated dress, and as I looked at her, i smiled, knowing in this holy instant, she was not there in the body, yet her presence was palpable. Here was her body - AND she was not in that body. This body was empty. I remember poking her cheek, laughing. I knew she is, we are - eternal; our bodies are not. I was so grateful to have full realization we do not die. We are NOT our bodies! 

At my second healing center located in Newburyport, MA, I met a profound teacher, who in physical form, has affected me greatly. For now, I say, she is a Master, one of who I never had to speak or ask anything of, and she always showed up at the perfect time and answered me before I ever voiced questions. At this time, I began many multi-dimensional experiences of meeting Jesus through the grace of a healer from England, as we met above a toy store in Marblehead and I closed my eyes, and there He was, holding my hand, talking with me, guiding me.....and traveling back and forth to what we refer to as heaven, and having Master Sai Baba come to visit me. Somewhere along the way, I was speaking with 'dead' people, healing others through touch, and being an outsider. At my high school reunion, after I was amazed at all that had gone on in those years and I had no idea - an old friend from my class put it very well; "I always thought you were in a bubble." Yes, I still reside in my heavenly bubble. 

At each experience I would consciously choose to heighten my awareness and become the very best me I can possibly be. God, Higher Consciousness, is all which is 'real'.  I invite you to ask yourself if you want to be FEARLESS. For me, FEARLESS is having faith in God, in the Creator of this Universe and the multiple dimensions it offers us. I have learned that language can cause us to get stuck. We must feel our way. We must feel our way from our ego/mind/head to our heart, not the emotional heart, the heart which is our bridge, our unity, our Holy Connection. We are God in form. God is all that exists, for nothing can exist outside of Source - so who am i, or you? or them? or him? or her?"

My life is handed over to Holy Spirit, constantly listening, always guided, and consistently inspired. 

Thank you. Shared with love, Deborah