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Welcome, to these interesting times. If your questions are not answered here, please feel free to contact me & inquire.


​If you have knowingly tested positive for Covid, I fully expect you to be cleared prior to any in person visit. Both my husband and I have been free of the virus.  We were both tested the 16th of October and we are both negative. 


  • Distant REIKI-healing work is available, as always. Usually, a few times are called for initially, then whenever Spirit directs me. If financially able, you may offer a love offering of your choice. No-one is refused. I can keep you posted of when I work on you and if anything specific comes up during the session. Gifting via Vimeo under fee's. Thank you.

  • Telephone sessions and ZOOM are an option. Telephone and Zoom sessions are made by appointment, they are one hour long, and the fee is 50.00. Under Fees' you will find my PayPal account. When using PayPal PLEASE be absolutely sure you are not deducting a fee from my gross amount. If you want to pay less than 50.00 please gift thru Venmo.  If you prefer you may mail a check. Payment must be received prior to next appointment.

  • I am offering in person appointments. You are positive you are covid free and show no symptoms. If you choose to wear a mask, you may. I do not. We do sit 6 ft apart. Hand sanitizer is present.