GUEST SPEAKING - Certainly an honor to share Gods loving existence with your community, to be part of celebrating & offering Faith in the palpable Presence of Divinity. 

Celebrant, Officiant, Clergy Duties & Guest Speaking 

I love love. I love commitment; to grow, evolve, expand, learn, support and thrive; together. I love celebrating!  I am happy to speak with you about your union. I welcome all couples. My joy in celebrating your union is based on my faith in Love Itself.  I believe we must have faith in the Divine, the power of the mystery which brought you together.

"After meeting with Deborah only once, (we were from out of town), she wrote the most perfect service for our wedding. She knew us, after ONE meeting. We are forever grateful."

​​My individually written life celebrations are spiritual, affirming and personal. After meeting with the family and with guidance from Holy Spirit; together, I will write a very special, loving and memorable service reflecting your beloveds life. I do not believe we die. My ministry is based on the belief our bodies are instruments which house our souls here on earth. Our souls go back to the Light, eternal life is experienced in heaven, on the 'other' side, in alternate realities. In a life celebration, we are giving thanks, expressing gratitude, for all this soul was in this carnation. In memorializing, we are sharing in the expression your beloved was in body, in form - and in our tears and our laughter; we shed love on their path........for their walk home. 

I am happy to sit with you and see if you feel I am the one you would like to guide you and your family through this time.

"By far my favorite speaker. When she is on fire, no one comes close. Engaging. Funny. Sacred. All of it."

I am available for all clergy duties. All are officiated by the fee of a

love offering of your choice.

I look forward to meeting with you both and see if we are a good fit. My wedding ceremonies are written just for you. I enjoy knowing your story, as well as helping you to design your perfect ritual; whether it be 10 or 500 people, in your living room or a historical venue.  I have officiated over 200 weddings.

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