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APPOINTMENT INFORMATION: Please wear comfortable clothing, with little or no jewelry. Please leave cellphone in your car. (Unless required for scheduling.)  No perfumes, aftershaves or chemical scents, other than natural essential oils in our home. If you use cannabis please refrain when coming to our home prior to sessions or gatherings. (Unless this is for medical use, and let’s discuss first.) You will be asked to remove your shoes, so if you would like to bring socks for comfort, please do so.

Please park in front of the first bay on the left, closest to the walkway for you. 

Please be on time. To me, this means you arrive 10 (give or take) minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time.  If early, please come to back porch, via following the twinkle lights, walk right in, do not knock or ring bell.  If I am not at inside door, please sit and wait. Yes, during winter the porch is heated. Yes, my office is air conditioned during the summer. Unless held up by a previous client, I am always ready 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Our yard and seating welcome you in spring, summer & fall. If you are going to be late, please notify me, text or call, and if more than 15 minutes late without notification I will not be available. Except for emergencies, there is a 50.00 fee for missed appointments without 24 hour notification. More than one cancellation and or reschedule will result in a conversation about your intentions. More than two reschedules, we will discuss options. Three or more, I can no longer be your practitioner.

I work from our home. We have no pets. I do not send out appointment reminders.

Spiritual Energy Medicine is very deep. Not invasive like surgery or some medical tests; but certainly more and greater in depth and magnitude of experience. For some, it can feel overwhelming – this is a reflection of how the words and truths are landing in your body, in your energetic field, and dispersing the old, raising your awareness and vibration. This is very positive! As your mind shifts through the energies of language and remembering and your body takes in the vibrations of the purity of the life force; you will undergo shifts, some subtle, some not. This is very positive. The old you no longer wishes to hold on, is now releasing to make way for new. This is the intention; change! 

Post session, if you are able, for optimum results, honor your self;  drink lots of water - refrain from alcohol or drugs for 24 hours -  if tired, take a nap. If you are able, refrain from  running into the world with errands, things to do; allow yourself   time for the interior process to flow.

I work from our home. We have no pets. The fee is 50.00 per hour. 1., 1.5, or 2 hour sessions are available.

I look forward to collaborating with you on your healing journey, Deborah