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Soul Portraits & Energy Grid Healing through Angelic Connections & The Akashic Records.

Years ago I offered these revealing reports...and I AM thrilled to do so again!  Working with Susan Taylor Shier of Soul Mastery was one of those no thinking moments. A Beloved mentioned her, and I said yes. Susan did her work over the phone, and one had to have a session prior to studying with her. Our phone session began with Susan asking, 'Oh, did your parents try to have you institutionalized when you were younger because they thought you were the crazy one? That is because.....blah, blah, blah.......'  I was all in! (And the answer is yes.)  I immediately went to work. Driving home from my first class (Angelic focus) with Susan I received a phone call from a woman who had 'found' my business card on her desk after having just asked her angels for guidance. I remember being so 'dumfounded' -- as I was last week, when I heard I should offer these again, gave the idea some thought and in my email box was a request from a former client for one as gift! I took Susan's extraordinary teachings, combined with my own lineage, language & legacy, creating what is called Soul Portraits & Energy Grid Healing through Angelic Connections & The Akashic Records. 

I do these in private. I do not need to know you. I ask for some very basic information. A 5/five page report is created and emailed to you as a result of a 3 - 4 hour session I conduct. Information you gain is about being Light Worker or not, what Soul Group you are from, (and how this helps to define your personality and life work), what Archangel Realm you are protected by, and information about your Angelic Spirit Guides. At this time I also release anything that is not of your highest good. The second piece of information is about Contracts and release from those that are complete or not of your highest. The third facet is the Grid Healing - . Here is where I enter your energy field and clean things up! Items that are addressed are Tears/rips in your Golden Web, Implants, Entities, Compassionate Connections, Open Portals, Memory Loss, Clouded or Programmed.

After this information is gathered and healing is complete, I then sit to write the report which is an amazing experience, for then I get to see all the information come together! Much of the report then comes through channeling as I remain open to the Angels & Akashic Records as I type. When I email you the report, I give you up to one week to spend time with it and we schedule a half hour phone call to offer you a time for questions. The phone call is included in the fee of $250.00.

If you wish for this work to be done and to receive a report, please email me at Either by email or phone call, I take the needed information. A paper check is then mailed to me. The check is paper clipped to the information sheet. I then await the angels guidance to conduct the work. This is promised within two weeks from me receiving the check. The check is NOT deposited until I email you the report.