​​​​​​​​​A non-denominational, INNERFAITH ministry, we realize all takes places first within us, before it can take place as expression externally. We must first experience shifts in our interior perceptions, to see the effects in our outer lives. This is how we co create a strong, deep, wide & palpable foundation of faith.


The foundation of this ministry is built upon our knowing of and faith in something greater than ourselves, of which we are part, of which we were each created from, and of which our True Identity IS.

We believe the Cosmos was created with laws. Some call them the laws of God, or Natural Law, or Laws of Nature; it is our Truth, they exist and we strive to apply them in our lives. Jesus has applied them in deeper faith than anyone else we are aware of.

All things are possible through our faith in God, the Divine Creator, our Source, our True Identity.

Our True Identity is our Isness, our Inner Beingness. In this is our knowing, our space of surrender & strength, power & courage, love & kindness; all goodness.

The Universe was created by, through & of  The Divine Architect and in this, our holy eternal connection resides.

We believe life is a smorgasbord, and we choose, through the innate gift of free will - in what we engage with, where we focus our attention, energies & awareness to. 

We encourage daily meditation, a time of devotion, in quiet - for personal prayer, contemplation & inquiry to reignite with our inexhaustible awareness of the Divine. 

We individually strive to create a palpable relationship with that which is called God, the Divine Architect of the Cosmos.

We believe in the power of Love; as the great healer. 

  • We are not victims, we are empowered creators. 
  • We know we cannot change another person's condition, but we CAN change our story attached to the condition, and therefore we see the outer effects of our perceptions.
  •  We are not our bodies, we are Source energy residing in human form. Our bodies are magnificent instruments, vehicles for us to experience this tactile existence, in order to co create experience.
  • As we shift our perceptions in our minds, the cells of our body shift, and our outward experiences change through ancient law; "as within, so without."​

Amethyst Light Ministry Foundation & Suggestions & Reading List

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Ceremony and Ritual is a communal way of recognizing our connected innate nature of one another. No matter the label of the ritual - a Wedding, Marriage, Commitment, Naming, Memorial, Funeral; we are recognizing the sacredness our lives. 


Physical ​suggestions for personal growth

My library has been extensive. These suggestions are the cream of the crop!  Yes, there are many wonderful paths, and if this ministry resonates with you, these are a few offerings. 


  • anything & all by Charles and/or Myrtle Fillmore, founders of Unity
  • anything & all by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind
  • anything & all by Joel Goldsmith
  • A Course in Miracles - join an established study group.
  • Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini 
  • Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsh
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • anything by Byron Katie
  • anything by White Eagle
  • anything by Dr. Joe Dispenza or Greg Braden
  • anything by Lynn Andrews
  • ​The St Germain Foundation & the study of The Ascended Masters


  • www.Moojitv.com  - You can also find Mooji on YouTube.
  • www.abraham-hicks.com - Any books, CD's, you tube. Anything. Excellent for the beginner.