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Deborah Evans Hogan,of The Amethyst Light Ministryan H.S.P., empath, and intuitive, has been an inspiring spiritual teacher and beloved public speaker of Universal Law for over 30 years. As a clairvoyant, claircognizant & clairsentient intuitive guide, interfaith Minister, and Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Reiki Traditions through John Harvey Gray and others, her first of four healing centers opened in Haverhill, MA in 1992. Three public healing centers followed in Newburyport, MA; as well as nine years in church ministry with Unity, Science of Mind & her own founded, The Church of Spiritual Empowerment; enduring 28 years as a healer. Having produced health fairs, hosted her own television show, worked in hospitals, welcomed in surgery, intuitive support with therapists, counseled hundreds, officiated many weddings - she now keeps a private practice from her wooded home in Townsend, MA. Her multiple gifts and expansive awareness can support those who wish for change in their lives. 

By appointment only. Thank you. 

I do not share emails. I will not place you on the email list you unless you request.

"Deborah has made a profoundly positive change in my life and I am forever grateful for her teaching and healing. I would strongly recommend going to Deborah for spiritual guidance and healing. She is a force for positive change."

Kathy McNamara

The ALM is a spiritually based, inner faith offering grounded on Universal Law. We are welcoming & grateful for your Presence. 

Appointments available Monday through Sunday.


We embody natural access to the Divine Intelligence, from which we are, and our awareness of this awakens us of any error thinking. The Holiness.  Our bodies respond, re-act, express; (to) our beliefs. The universe is designed by Holy Law to mirror these beliefs. Any illness, dis-ease, depression, mental imbalance, accident, any of these will be released as our thinking shifts.  Every illness or accident has its roots in our emotionally attached mind. Our bodies HOLD emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs; literally. We change our outer experiences through our own thinking, through our surrender to Higher Power. HEALING does take place.

Emotions are interactive, silence is the space of alignment. 

Are you ready to allow NEW, OPEN, states of being to fill the cracks, release old stories, to reveal your innate healthy, balanced, beautiful, abundant whole Divine alignment? Do you want to know the Holiness? There is not yours or mine or theirs; it is The Holiness.  What I offer you is Spiritual Logic. Freedom. Guidance to go within to find  Freedom.

If you like, I can guide & support you, during this awakening process within you.  

My intention is to invoke from you the most that you can possibly be.

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Deborah is here for those who are willing and who want to change, shift or heal. Her direct and clear approach combined with her skills as a Master Energy Practitioner with years of varied experience, there remains little she has not 'tackled'.  You can find her on the Amethyst Light Ministry Facebook page offering guidance, prayer & support, as well as you may enjoy following her blog; www.revdebblog.wordpress.com - 'THOUGHTS. Offering guidance, experience & support through our awakening journey'.  Deborah is in the midst of penning her first book, Extraordinary Experiences of an Ordinary Life , stories of her many spiritual, non-physical, paranormal & miracle moments she has lived, seen and witnessed - with intention that others may realize what is possible.