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You embody natural access to the Divine Intelligence which awakens us of any error thinking. The Divinity. The Light. Our bodies respond, re-act, express; (to) our beliefs. The universe is designed to mirror these beliefs.  Any illness, dis-ease, depression, mental imbalance, accident, any of these will be released as our thinking shifts.  Every illness or accident has its roots in our emotionally attached mind. Our bodies HOLD emotions, our thoughts our beliefs; literally. We change through our own thinking, through our surrender to Higher Power. It is up to you.  

Do you have intention in the possibility of OTHER ? 

Are you ready to allow NEW, OPEN, energy to fill the cracks, release old stories, to reveal your innate healthy, balanced, beautiful, abundant whole Divine alignment?

If so, I can guide & support you, during this awakening process within you.  

My intention is to invoke from you the most that you can possibly be.

The ALM is a spiritually based, inner faith offering grounded on Universal Law. We are welcoming & grateful for your Presence. 

Appointments available Monday through Saturday.

By appointment only. Thank you. Last minute okay!

Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan

Empathic Energy Medicine, Intuitive Counselor 

 ​Multi-dimensional Communicator

175 Main Street Townsend MA 01469 US


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