The ALM is a spiritually based, inner faith offering grounded on Universal Law. We are welcoming & grateful for your Presence. 

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Our minds have natural access to the Divine Intelligence which heals. Our bodies respond, re-act, to our beliefs. Our thinking changes, shifts & creates in our bodies. Any illness, dis-ease, depression, mental imbalance, accident, any of these can heal. Every illness or accident has its roots in your mind. Our bodies HOLD emotions. Literally. They can heal through your own thinking OR through your surrender to a healer. Are you ready to give up whatever you think you know, and allow NEW, OPEN, energy to fill the cracks, release old stories, bring your energy into Divine alignment.   

Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan

  Healer, Counselor, Teacher. 

AWAKE!- to be aligned with our highest perception, most loving know unconditional Love as the most beautiful, palpable space within ourselves. To realize we are pure consciousness in form. To embody love of the Creator in such a manner, at such a depth; that each breath is a moment of sacred awareness and joy. Our bodies, minds & hearts re-align as we raise our vibrations - I AM able to support your journey to joy, happiness & freedom.  

We are vibrational beings & your frequency is EVERYTHING - for your joy, health, abundance, life.