Well, how are you? Welcome to my website. Shall we chat?  I love to chat.  Chat leads to self-inquiry, which is always a rich, muddy, fabulous space for spiritual growth.  We are each trying to keep up with ourselves right now. If you are seeking spiritual support, loving, kind and direct, perhaps I can help. After nearly 35 years of holding space, it all comes down to being, sitting, and diving into the deep end. No matter what your question is, there is always a spiritual perspective that can remedy any internal conflict. My mission is always the same; to support you to have a positive, palpable, and personal relationship with God/Spirit/The Infinite. In other words, to realize your Divine Beingness.

If you are still unsure what steps to take in order to reveal peace & wholeness in your life, know these few Truths. 

1. There is a higher power; I call God, Divine Architect, Divine Intelligence, One Mind, Love.....any of a thousand names.....) one of wisdom and more, waiting for you to ask and invite them into your mind & heart. 

2. YOU are a magnificent spark of Light! Yes, YOU! You have within you all you need. You are a creative powerhouse! So much so that you can be burdened with chains OR fly with wings! You can feel despondent or utter joy!

​3. Each day, begin YOUR day with positive thoughts. This will change your life. (Yes, you can!) 

Other ideas; Buy my book, (and read it), connect to my Facebook page, with (mostly) daily thoughts for your ever-expanding heart consciousness - practice faith in God. (All relationships take a commitment.) 


I send you immense love - everything is alright. 

Thank you for being here. 


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